Our engineers will brainstorm with you to define the project scope, identify potential issues, analyze risk, and set the schedule and cost.  We want to be your trusted advisor throughout the project’s life, so we meet with our clients early on to develop a thorough understanding of the business goals and align the project goals accordingly.  We prepare feasibility and design criteria studies to aid in the assessment of the project’s viability.  With our years of experience, our team will evaluate the cost impacts and deliver a full execution plan with our client’s objectives at the forefront.



•  Heating, ventilating, and air distribution systems for all conditioned spaces


​•  Heating and cooling load calculations


•  Exhaust fan airflow where exhaust is required by code


•  Carbon monoxide detection systems 


​•  Systems for mechanical control and life safety interface


​•  Sizing of mechanical rooms and exhaust/supply air shaft when required



•  Power distribution and panel schedules, including lighting and audio/visual power connections as designed by others


​•  Lighting distribution and fixture schedules for both interior and exterior


•  Photometric diagrams for landscape and lighting designs


•  Emergency power and lighting systems


​•  Load calculations and single line diagrams for all related parts of the project


​•  Power and wiring diagram for mechanical equipment


•  Telephone/data/cable TV/ security system conduit boxes


•  Sizing of electrical service, switchboards and panel boards


•  Sanitary waste, vent, storm, gas, and domestic water piping systems


​•  Points of connection and size calculations for water and sewer mains


•  Points of connection and size calculations for storm and roof drainage systems


•  Isometric diagrams


​•  Coordinate with public utilities in order to facilitate the design and construction of the work


We want you to reap the benefits of being Green.  We will generate a precise and detailed energy compliance report and calculations on your project, with the minimum required efficiency for compliance and building costs.  For each project, we provide multiple calculations for the same model while adjusting variables.  The result is a chart that illustrates various options in which to comply or exceed the minimum compliance requirements.  We understand that there are many ways to get results but each path is customized based on the client’s needs.

•  Title 24 Energy Regulation


•  IECC Energy Regulation Compliance


•  Utilize state-of-the art certified energy modeling software


•  Informative consultation geared towards certification and energy efficiency rating for your building


•  Coordinate any available utility rebates into our design



Construction administration is the rewarding aspect of the project’s life – where our client’s objectives come to fruition.  However, Green MEP Engineering understands the obstacles and pitfalls that arise during construction, which is why our CA team is reliable and capable of rectifying any discrepancy.  Each our CA teams are comprised of engineers whom are flexible in how they approach any project, as every client is unique.  Our engineers coordinate with contractors, subcontractors, and other key players to ensure quality and cost control throughout the construction phase is maintained.  We strive to deliver to our clients the fully constructed building they envisioned.