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Introducing Green MEP's Adaptive Reuse System

Office-to-residential building conversion has never been easier thanks to Green MEP's building conversion software. With just one form we can help you get started on your building conversion project using our optimized three-step process. In a flash, you'll have a set of preliminary plans, a cost estimate, and a feasibility report based on building conditions.


1. Fill out our simple form.

This will help us understand any engineering limitations and project requirements.
This will provide a preliminary feasibility study, a suggested floorplan, and a suggested cost estimate. 


2. Survey Additional Info

If requested, we can get a third-party surveyor to gather any additional information required for the building. 


3. Generate Reports

The final step is report, cost, and rendering generation. This process uses statistical learning techniques to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Case Study: Converting a high-rise office building into residential units.

For this project, we had access to warm shell floorplans from the owner/realtor, as well as some other basic building information. From this we were able to generate a basic floorplan layout.



Knowing then, the number of floors and other basic MEP information (from the interest form, as no additional survey was needed in this case), we are able to generate renderings for unit layouts.


From here, using our engineering experience and expertise we've developed a method to provide a cost estimate within a range for all components of the project (design, material, & labor). With Green MEP's adaptive reuse forms we look forward to improving the built environment through facilitation of as many adaptive reuse projects as possible.

Please click below to get started with an interest form.

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