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Building Surveys

What to Expect:

🏢 Architectural Survey: This component focuses on the aesthetic and functional attributes of the building. It includes information about the layout, space configuration, accessibility, materials, finishes, and any historic or design features worth preserving. This survey is critical to understanding the potential of the building in the context of its new use.

🏗️Structural Survey: This assesses the building's structural integrity, including foundations, walls, floors, roof structures, and other load-bearing elements. It informs on the capacity of the building to withstand modifications, additional loads, and ensures safety and longevity after the adaptation process.

⚙️🪠Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Survey: This evaluation identifies the existing mechanical (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical (lighting, power distribution), and plumbing (water supply, sewage) systems. It helps understand if these systems are sufficient for the new use or if upgrades, expansions, or replacements are required.

🧯Fire Protection Survey: This survey reviews the current fire safety measures, including fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems. It also checks for compliance with fire codes and safety regulations. These findings are vital in designing a new layout that is not only functional but also safe.​

☎️Low Voltage Survey: This assessment inspects existing low-voltage systems like data communication, security, audio-visual systems, and building automation. The information helps in integrating modern technology requirements into the older infrastructure, providing an efficient and up-to-date system for the new use.

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